International Theatre Studio Marbella

Auditions - 11 December 2019

June Rendle will be holding auditions for our next rehearsed play reading on Wednesday, 11th December, at El Candil in San Pedro at 7.30 for an 8pm start. June is directing "The Wisdom of Eve". This will be performed on 22nd January 2020. (please note the date change).

Below is the list of characters and the synopsis. This is your chance to practise your American accent!

By Mary Orr

CAST (in order of appearance) 5 female and 5 male:
KAREN, the playwright’s wife and best friend of Margo. A chic blonde in her fifties.
EVE, a theatre fan. A wolf in bedraggled mouse clothing.
MARGO, a famous star actress. Scintillating personality, arresting and exciting, older than she looks.
CLEMENT, Margo’s husband and play Director. Sophisticated, wealthy, strong personality.
LLOYD, the playwright, Karen’s husband. Good looking, intellectual.
HARVEY, Margo’s Stage Manager. Nondescript, sycophantic.
“TALLY HO THOMSON”, a newspaper columnist. Sloppily dressed, somewhat sly.
BERT HINKLE, theatrical agent. Smooth, well-fed, money-maker.
LEILA, Margo’s maid. Waits on and adores Margo.
VERA FRANKLIN, young aspiring actress. Opposite personality of Eve, but an excellent actress.

The Synopsis:
The setting is a few years ago, in and around New York. This is the play from which the film ALL ABOUT EVE was adapted, starring Bette Davies. It is engrossing and revealing about the “inside” story of life in the theatre world, showing the rise of an unscrupulous ingénue to stardom.

As a true American accent is difficult, we will aim for mid-Atlantic. One read-thru before Xmas, maximum three rehearsals week of production.

Scripts are available from June, please email her on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you are interested in taking part but are not available for the auditions, let her know in advance and she will arrange something. But you must be available for the preceding week and performance!!!!