International Theatre Studio Marbella

We will be holding auditions on Wednesday 23rd January 2019 at El Candil Bar in San Pedro at 7.30 pm.

Peter Brooks will be directing our spring production which is Frank Vickory's hilarious comedy “One O’Clock from the House ” with performances on Friday 22nd, Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th March 2019.

And Diana King will be directing two Murder Mystery evenings, one in February and one in March with the dates to be agreed and confirmed with the venues and cast.

There is no need to book, please just come along. If you are interested but cannot attend, please contact Peter or Diana.

Peter is looking for the following characters:
MIRIAM 50, sensible & happily married
MARGARET 40ish, thinks she is a cut above
MAUREEN 40 & pregnant
MAVIS late 50s, mad as a hatter
AUSTIN 50, husband to Miriam
JOSEY 20, punkish daughter of Miriam
TUDOR 60ish, relative, rather odd
RUPERT 10 son of Maureen, a naughty boy
AVRIL 60ish, a bit slow on the up take
MANSEL 50ish, another sad character
DESMOND 40ish, think a character from the Jeremy Kyle show
HUGH 50ish, hen pecked husband of Margaret
WARDEN 30–70, warden of a mental home
MAVIS 2 ????

Frank Vickory’s comedy revolves around the funeral of an elderly father, not usually an occasion for hilarity. But, when the family concerned numbers among its members a wellington-clad cook who bakes almond-less almond cakes, another who’s convinced his shopping trolley is a clever dog called Rover (he’s already taught him to beg) and a sister who’s a happy inmate of a psychiatric home, the proceedings are bound to be lively! Add to this a posthumous joke played by Father on three of his daughters and the fact that they are not what might be termed a close-knit family (without giving too much away, they’ve got the wrong person from the psychiatric home) the scene is set for a scorching comedy of personalities and situations.

Peter hopes to commence rehearsals around the 8th. February. For any further information please don’t hesitate to contact Peter on 95 288 73 72 / 617 520 923 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Diana King is directing a Murder Mystery that she and Dennis King wrote together. She will be in attendance on this same date to seek actors for her play who will not be involved in the main production that Peter is doing. This offers an opportunity for more actors to be involved in an ITS play. It may appeal to those who maybe cannot commit to a run of dates for rehearsals and performances but want to participate. She will cast her play after Peter has cast the main production but from the same auditions. If you would like more information please contact her by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.