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We are delighted to announce that Peter Brooks will be directing “Habeas Corpus” by Alan Bennett on Friday 23rd, Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th March 2018.

This play introduces the Wicksteeds, a family for whom the determination to put sex and the satisfaction of the body before everything else is the ruling passion of their lives. Permissive society is taken to task in this farcical comedy in which characters move in and out through a maze of mistaken identities and sexual encounters. As Wicksteed says in the play, “He whose lust lasts lasts longest”.

Theatre critic Michael Billington described the play as “a gorgeously vulgar but densely plotted farce”.

The production will be held at a new venue: El Paraiso Golf Club. It is located on Avenida de la Gardenia, Carretera de Cadiz, Estepona Km 167. This is the coast road (past the Atalaya Park Hotel towards Estepona) but it is mountain-side. If you know where Neli G’s is, it’s the immediate right turn after it.

The full cast is fabulous with faces you will know and love. The cast list is as follows:
Arthur Wicksteed - John Foulkes-Jones
Muriel Wicksteed - Eileen Audas
Dennis Wicksteed - Jamie Stonehewer
Constance Wicksteed  - Beverly Stonehewer
Mrs Swabb - Rebecca Flowerdew
Canon Throbbing - Paul Baker
Lady Rumpers - Carol Woolnoth
Felicity Rumpers - Hannah Murray-Lopez
Mr Shanks - Russell Hood
Sir Percy Shorter - Hayward Elliott
Mr Purdue - PJ Lopez

Director - Peter Brooks
Producer - Karl Maresz
Stage Manager - Sophie Jesson

Map of the venue: