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Our main spring event is “The Anniversary”, a deliciously nasty comedy, written by Bill MacIlraith and directed by Peter Brooks at the Atalaya Park Hotel Disco on Friday 7th, Sat 8th March at 8pm and Sun 9th March at 7pm. After the recent success of “Dirty Dusting” making the transfer, there will probably be further performances at the Salón Varietés in Fuengirola in early April.

December and rehearsals begin in January. More details will follow but I am not giving away any secrets, if I tell you that we will have a number of new actors involved. 

We will organise another play reading when the Board meet again in January.
We had a stall at the Adana Christmas Fair on 1st December and attracted quite a lot of attention with Superman, Snow White, Mother Christmas, a pig from the 3 little pigs story and a scary witch to add character to our stand! Lots of people expressed interest in what we were doing and we have new members and possible new members to swell our ranks and add to our mailing list for forthcoming events. A great time was had by all and generated interest in our group as well as helping the animals.
We have just had our Christmas party at El Caserio and, although we were not so fortunate as to have a magician/DJ provided by the restaurant, as we did last year, it was still a great success. The food was a very good standard and piping hot and with half a bottle of wine with the meal, as well as a welcome drink and coffee for those who wanted it, I thought it was great value for 20 euros.
Despite losing a few people who had already returned to UK for Christmas and one illness, we still numbered 27 people and the restaurant could not have been more attentive. The service was excellent. After the meal, we made our own entertainment with various members doing a turn to entertain their fellow guests and some sing along songs as well!
Our main spring event is “The Anniversary”, a deliciously nasty comedy, written by Bill MacIlraith and directed by Peter Brooks at the Atalaya Park Hotel Disco on Friday 7th, Sat 8th March at 8pm and Sun 9th March at 7pm. After the recent success of “Dirty Dusting” making the transfer, there will probably be further performances at the Salón Varietés in Fuengirola in early April.

I am delighted to tell you that this play has been successfully cast already with an open audition on 11th December and rehearsals begin in January. More details will follow but I am not giving away any secrets, if I tell you that we will have a number of new actors involved. 
We will organise another play reading when the Board meet again in January. 

Just to give you a little advance notice, the Annual General Meeting of the International Theatre Studio will be held on 11th February at Bar El Candil, San Pedro. All are very welcome to attend, although only those who have paid their membership subscriptions for 2014 may vote. Our Secretary, Wendy Castle, will be there and will be happy to take any subscriptions due for this year. A calling notice for the AGM will be sent out nearer the time. 

It is our custom to offer a free drink and tapas to those who attend, so that once the formal meeting is over, we can all enjoy a social get-together. I do hope that many of you will come along, as it’s an interesting evening and a good way to get to know people and exchange ideas.

If you know of anyone you think might be interested in finding out more about the International Theatre Studio, please bring them along to the play or the AGM or put them in touch with Wendy on 952 00 02 24. We are always keen to welcome new members whether they wish to act or help with general production tasks.

I look forward to seeing you all soon at the next play reading and then at “The Anniversary”!

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and a Happy and healthy New Year

Best wishes,
Carol Woolnoth
Vice President
International Theatre Studio
Many thanks to all who came along to watch "Strictly Sex Factor on Ice" at Friends Restaurant. We are sorry that, as we were sold out several days in advance, some members were disappointed but the venue can only hold 80 persons. The audience laughed a lot and the food was very tasty, so we hope you all enjoyed it. It was the first time the present team at the venue had held an event like this and we found them very helpful and co-operative.

This year the International Theatre Studio is having a stall at the ADANA Christmas Fair at the Palacio de Congresos in Estepona on 1st December. This fair is always a popular event and is very well supported so, if you're thinking of going along, do stop at the ITS stand and join in the fun. We'll be having people dressed up in silly costumes and we're hoping to recruit new ITS members.

The ITS Christmas Dinner is being held at El Caserío on Saturday 7th December, 7.30 for 8pm. Details of the evening, including menu choices, have been sent out so don't forget to let Kate or Carol know if you wish to attend and state your choice of food. It was a great success last year so don't miss out!

Auditions for the Spring Production are being held at Bar El Candil, San Pedro, at 7pm on Wednesday, 11th December. The chosen play is "The Anniversary" by Bill
MacIlwraith and is billed as "a deliciously nasty comedy". The film starred Betty Davis and the West End production Sheila Hancock, so it has a good theatrical pedigree. The audition notice has been sent out and audition pieces and/or further information can be obtained from the Director, Peter Brooks, on 952 887 372 or 617 520 923 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The play will be performed at the Atalaya Park Hotel on 7, 8 and 9 March 2014.

We are sorry to tell you that Steve and Heather Croll, both staunch members of the ITS, are moving out of our immediate area and taking up residence further along the coast in Los Boliches. We hope we will still see them from time to
time but this move does mean that we won't be able to call on Steve's
formidable acting talents and Heather's great support. We will miss them both very much, as friends as well as members of the group, and wish them all happiness in their new home.

Don't forget the annual International Christmas Carol Service at the parochial Church in San Pedro in mid-December. Details of this will be sent out shortly but information can be obtained from Fred Wallis on 952 812 151 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

In the absence of Diane Vice Presidents Carol and Kate will be looking after the ITS and Carol will be sending out a Newsletter in December. We wish you all a very happy Christmas and all good wishes for 2014.

The International Theatre Studio will be presenting for their March production at the Atalaya Park Hotel the deliciously nasty comedy “The Anniversary” written by Bill MacIlraith and directed by Peter Brooks.

Production dates March 7-9, 2014, with a probable transfer to the Salon Varietés in Fuengirola.

Mrs. Taggart (Mum), a wealthy, tyrannical and manipulative matriarch, holds a social gathering to celebrate her wedding anniversary, even though her husband has been dead for years. She demands the presence of her three sons: Henry, a timid cross dresser, a stressed father of five: Terry, and a secretly engaged youngster Tom. But the party is just an excuse for Mum to maintain her mercilessly firm grip over her offspring’s lives.


Tom   20 -25     Bit of a show off, knows it all and dislikes Mum intensely

Shirley   20        Tom’s vulnerable pregnant girlfriend. A little timid, until!!

Henry   40 ish.   Shy, softly spoken, with a dark secret.

Terry     30’s      Obviously under the thumb.

Karen    30’s      Terry’s wife, bright and very assured of herself.

Mum   60 - 70   Smart, full of nervous energy, but with a menacing quality  which spells danger to anyone contemplating crossing her.

Mum, Terry and Tom should have underlying East End accents



FOR ANY FURTHER INFORMATION ON THE PLAY AND DETAILS OF AUDITION PIECES PLEASE CONTACT PETER BROOKS 952887372 /617520923 OR EMAIL This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Peter Brooks        


Once again it’s time for us to get together to celebrate the Christmas Season. As the venue was so popular last year we have again booked “El Caserio”, (near AgroJardin), for Saturday 7th December at 8pm.

The restaurant has kept the cost of the evening to 20€ for three courses inc. half a bottle of wine (or equivalent) per person, water and bread. There will also be musical entertainment. The menu choices are as follows:

Prawns Pil-pil
Melon with Jamon
Scrambled Egg with Asparagus
Vegetable Soup

Fillet of Pork Don Miguel (cream and mushrooms)
Fillet of Pork in Pimienta or Roquefort Sauce
Grilled Salmon
Cauliflower Cheese

Chocolate Tart

The International Theatre Studio is providing a welcome drink on arrival of cava, wine, beer or a soft drink. Spirits are not included but can be bought at the bar if desired.

Members are very welcome to bring friends along if they wish.

Please give us your choice of menu by Wednesday 4th December.

You can call Carol on 952 88 06 30 (weekdays 10am-2pm) or Kate on 952 88 02 40 at other times.

We hope that many of you will be able to come along and have a very good evening amongst friends.

Proudly presents a Supper/Theatre Night

An hilarious comedy by David Tristram

The International Theatre Studio are performing the above play as part of a Supper Theatre Evening on Thursday 14 November, at “Friends” Restaurant, San Pedro (formerly La Biznaga – next to Moreno’s, behind the large BP petrol station). Doors open at 7.30pm and the performance will start at 8pm. After the play a two-course supper will be served and this will be followed by a Flamenco dance display by a professional Flamenco group. The cost of the evening will only be 12€, not including drinks which should be bought separately at the bar.

The menu is:
Ensalada Rusa con tapitas
Paella mixta
Paella verduras (V)

This evening is for ITS members and their guests and places must be reserved, giving main course option, by Monday 11 November. Payment for the evening will be taken at the door but any cancellations after Monday 11 November will have to be paid for as the restaurant will still charge for the meal.
This really is an extremely funny play in the “Little Grimley” series (featured in past summer shows) and the whole evening represents terrific value so make sure you book early to avoid disappointment. Reservations can be made by calling our Box Office 952 88 06 30   (weekdays 10am-2pm) or 952 92 81 96 at other times.

There is plenty of parking available at the venue. For any further information or for directions to the restaurant please don’t hesitate to call 952 92 81 96 or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
We have a change this autumn to our usual programme. The reprise of the very successful “Dirty Dusting” at the Salon Variétés in mid-September was most heartwarming for the ITS and all congratulations to Kate Jackson and her fine cast and crew for that. This has meant, however, that many key ITS members have had to commit a lot of time and effort throughout the summer months, so they now understandably need to take a break.

So, instead of putting on our usual full-length production at the Atalaya Park Hotel in November, we have planned an alternative event in the shape of a supper-theatre evening on Thursday 14th November. This will consist of a hilarious one-act play entitled “Strictly Sex Factor on Ice” written by David Tristram and directed by Diane. Some of you will be familiar with his comedies that we have put on in our summer charity shows in past years. We can tell you that this one is extremely funny and the cast are having difficulty rehearsing it because they can’t stop laughing. Because of time constraints we are allowing the actors to have their scripts on stage, although the play will be thoroughly rehearsed in all respects.

The venue is “Friends” restaurant (formerly Biznaga) which is near the big BP petrol station at the back of San Pedro, near the junction with the motorway. There is plenty of parking available.

Following the play, the restaurant will serve a two-course meal and we will then enjoy a flamenco show to wind up the evening. (Be assured that this will be performed by professional Spanish dancers and not by ageing British amateur actors !) The cost of the evening will be 12€ a head (not including drinks, which can be bought at the bar separately). Full details of the evening, including menu and booking arrangements, will follow shortly.

We do hope you will be able to come to what we think should be a most rewarding and enjoyable evening’s entertainment.

The Board are planning to hold our usual ITS Christmas meal in the first fortnight of December. As it was such a success last year at El Caserío, we are presently negotiating to return there. More details will follow soon.

The International Theatre Studio's very popular production of "Dirty Dusting", performed in March, is being reprised by the original cast at the Salon Variétés in Fuengirola on Fri 13th, Sat 14th and Sun 15th September, performances starting at 8pm on Friday and Saturday and at 7pm on Sunday. Ticket reservations can be made through the Salon Box Office: 952 48 45 42 between 10am-2pm Mondays to Fridays. It's a really funny play so, if you missed it in March or enjoyed it so much that you'd love to see it again, book your tickets as soon as possible. Word has spread about how funny it is so I'm sure it will be another sell-out.

Auditions for the ITS Autumn Production, "The Opposite Sex", a comedy by David Tristram, are being held on Tuesday 17th September at Bar El
Candil, San Pedro at 7.30pm. The play will be performed at the Atalaya Park Hotel on 15th, 16th and 17th November. An audition notice has already been sent out. This play is full of comic one-liners and will, I'm sure, be a lot of fun so I hope lots of people will come along to the audition to get a flavour of it even if they don't wish to audition.

On completion of the auditions I'm hoping that there will be enough members available to cast the hilarious one-act play "Strictly Sex Factor (On Ice)", also by David Tristram, as a rehearsed reading to be held in October. Some of you will
recall that we read this play, one of the "Little Grimley" set, a few months
ago and all agreed it would be fun to do.
The advantage of a rehearsed reading is that the actors can act the
parts but have their scripts available, so learning lots of lines isn't
necessary – what a relief! I do hope any of you who are interested in either of these two plays will be able to come along on 17th September.

Those of you who read the local press may have seen that the
International Theatre Studio presented a cheque for €2500 to CARITAS as
a result of "A Lark in the Park" held in June. We'd like to thank all who supported the event and all those who assisted with the production for making it such a
success. Well done everyone!

The International Theatre Studio's June production, 'A Lark in the Park', raised no less than 2500 € for the Spanish charity Caritas and last month a cheque for that amount was presented to Leila Bourquin from its San Pedro branch. The ceremony took place in Benahavís town hall.

The show, which is an annual ITS event, took place once again this year in the auditorium of the Benahavís's beautiful Parque Leonera by kind permission of the Ayuntamiento. A packed audience enjoyed a variety of entertainment and a one-act play and a picnic break under the stars.
Lark in the Park 2013
Leila Bourquin (second from the right) receiving a cheque for 2500 € from Carol Woolnoth and Fred Wallis of the International Theatre Studio. With them is Peter Letters (left) of the Foreign Residents Department in Benahavís.

All money raised by the event goes to charity and this year's choice of beneficiary was prompted by the plight of many local Spanish families hit by the economic crisis. Caritas operates from the Virgen del Rocio parish church in San Pedro and presently ishanding out food to approximately 720 people each month. In addition they help meet electricity and water bills and provide housing and meal vouchers. Further help from the ex-pat community comes from the Anglican Church which shares the premises for its Sunday services.

Caritas continues to rely oncontributions in cash and kind; items in particular need are milk, sugar and oil and such donations can be taken to the church on Tuesdays or Thursdays from 6 to 8pm.

Of those receiving help from Caritas, over 70% are unemployed with no means of their own. Many are homeless or living in poor housing and over 11% lack family support.

The charity thanked those member of ITSwho took part in the entertainment and gave their time,and those who supported the evening.
There will be an Audition held on Tuesday 17th September at El Candil San Pedro 7.30 for 8 p.m. for The Opposite Sex. Dates of production; 15th, 16th and 17th November at Atalaya Park Hotel.