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The ITS are presenting their annual summer concert at El Parque de Leonora, Benahavis, on Sunday 1st June in the early evening. This will, as usual, be in two
parts. The show will open with a one-act play comprising the first half, followed by an interval and then a series of "variety" acts by individuals, with an MC in charge.

This audition notice is for the one-act play, a comedy called:

to be directed by Kate

Age 60-80. A formidable woman with the cunning of a wolverine.

Similar age. Long-suffering. Florid complexion. Although in most
respects "past it", he is still a schoolboy at heart.

Mr Romero
Of variable age (perhaps 50's). Italian accent. Rather smooth but a
"dodgy" character.

Age 40-50. Rather "flash" with a sago pudding for a brain. Has a well-endowed chest.

The auditions will be held at Bar El Candil in San Pedro on Thursday 24 April.
Time 7.30 for 8.00 pm.

Successful auditionees will need to be prepared to rehearse for two evenings a week from Monday, 28th April, the actual days of the week to be decided. The rehearsal venue will be Kate's apartment in Balcón de Benavista.

Any persons wishing to audition who can't make 24 April should contact Kate
beforehand on 952 880 240.