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Play reading El Candil bar in San Pedro de Alcántara on Thursday, May 15th,
7.30pm for 8pm.

Dear Members of the International Theatre Studio,

We will be holding an unrehearsed play-reading at El Candil in San Pedro de Alcántara on Thursday, May 15th, 7.30pm for 8pm.
Everyone is welcome to attend and to read or not, as they wish.

There are 2 one act plays by Stephen Smith set in a small country hotel bar. One is
called 'Psychic Babble' and the other is 'One Mistake'. 'Psychic Babble' is a
comedy for four women and one man that leaves the audience wondering whether
the man is a true psychic or just a confidence trickster.

'One Mistake' is a drama for two women and one man that creates a roller coaster of emotions culminating in the discovery of the 'one mistake' that has changed all
3 lives. A barman, a night club singer and her daughter are hiding dark
secrets. Their present lives are burdened by loneliness caused by their past.
As always with Stephen Smith, there is a host of colourful characters full of
humour alongside an underlying drama dealing with personal tragedies. 'One
Mistake' was the 2008 winner of the Cambridge Drama Festival.

'Psychic Babble'

middle-aged, unemployed and self-proclaimed psychic. Desperate for money to
further his psychic ambitions and takes himself very seriously.

middle-aged, housekeeper at hotel. Desperate for companionship after husband
has been jailed. Naturally optimistic and close friends with Marjorie and Vera.

retired, elderly, former housekeeper at hotel. Going slightly dotty but well
meaning. Husband has just died. Conservative clothing but speaks without

similar age to Sandra but more cynical. Has very troublesome son called Wayne
and lives with him after husband left her for another woman. Not a happy
person. Formerly Jim's girlfriend and wants to put him down.

teenager, early 20s, girlfriend of Wayne. Not very bright with limited
conversation. Very girly.

'One Mistake'

a barman, middle-aged. Friendly, good listener, he doesn't give much away,
hidden past.

a singer, middle-aged. A former pop singer who retired when she became pregnant. Has been forced to take up her career as a nightclub singer since her husband died. Has a serious drink problem.

Claire's teenage daughter. Reluctantly has to follow her mum around in school
holidays. Bright and keen to find a new partner for her mum and sci-fi

(N.B. Ages are not important for a reading, so don't feel you can't read the part of
the teenager even if you are over 60!).
Alfonso will be offering tapas at 7 euros per head to follow the reading. Please let us know if you will be attending and if you wish to order tapas. We will collect
the money for the tapas prior to the start of the reading.

You can e-mail Wendy on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 607
796 548 to book your seats and tapas.

Hope to see you there for an enjoyable fun evening.
Carol Woolnoth