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Tuesday, 26th August at El Bandil Bar, San Pedro

"Wife after Death" by Eric Chappell

Directed by Diana King.

It has been decided to stage 'Wife After Death' by Eric Chappell for our autumn production. Performance dates will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday 14th, 15th and 16th November.

Auditions will take place on Tuesday 26th August in El Candil Bar in San Pedro from 7.30pm onwards. Audition pieces will be available to study in advance. Please ask if you want them and let us know which character you are interested in and they will be emailed to you separately.

Synopsis of play.

It is the day of Dave Thursby's funeral, there is a coffin on stage. Laura, his widow has asked certain people to come and pay
their respects. Harvey was the script writer for Dave, who was a stand-up comic. Kevin was Dave's manager.

As the play progresses it becomes clear that Dave was not the great man everyone had thought. He had slept with all the women around him and then Kay turns up (an uninvited guest) and drops another bomb shell.

It's all worse than they thought!


Laura Thursby,
40's. Widow. Attractive, dressed in fashionable black, vain about her

Harvey Barrett, 50's. Untidy, angry man. His only
concession to the day is a crumpled black tie.

Vi Barrett, Harvey's wife. Older than Laura,
dressed in simple black. She has a wry
attitude to the events being played out in front of her.

Kevin Prewitt, 30's. Pale man in a dark suit and
dark glasses. Much moved.

Jane Prewitt, Kevin's wife. 30's. Gawky, inclined
to be flustered.

Kay , 50's.
A smoker with a sardonic manner.

N.B. The above ages described above are not set in
stone and all things can be altered.