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It’s hotting up very nicely thank you and we are taking a month off! We have no public events in August but rehearsals for the next production will start for the cast members before the end of the month, and your Board members will still be meeting.

The Autumn Production
Auditions were held in July for the cast of Eric Chappell’s “Haywire” which Diana King will direct in October. Thank you to everyone who auditioned.

The cast is as follows:
Alec Firth, a bookseller: Russell Hood
Liz, Alec's assistant: Rebecca Flowerdew
Maggie Firth, Alec's wife: Eileen Audas
Phoebe Firth, Alec's mother: Carol Woolnoth
Jamie Firth, Alec and Maggie's son: Dimitrije Bognadov
Mandy Firth, Alec and Maggie's daughter: Chloe Quinlan

Eileen Audas will be the producer; Jamie Stonehewer will be the lighting and technical director; Martin Curd will be the prompt; Miles Rendle will be the stage manager; Sophie Jessen will be the prop mistress and Karl Maresz will build the set.

The performance dates will be Friday 20th, Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd October 2017 at The Atalaya Park Hotel in their Mayoral Discoteca.

Still Life” Staged Play Reading
Thank you to everyone who came to see this in June, we had 64 people in the audience and ten actors on stage. It was a superb evening. A huge thank you to Peter Brooks who directed it.

Play readings and Staged play readings
We know that our audiences really enjoy our play readings and staged or rehearsed plays readings. We intend to have a monthly event for your enjoyment and to make sure that our actor members, who want an opportunity to perform, get a chance to do so. However, we rely heavily on volunteers to direct and organise these. Often the same volunteers are asked so if you would like to share the load and be a volunteer for one of these events, please let us know. We will give you all the support and advice we can if you need it.

A lovely September Surprise!
We had planned to do a play reading in September but this has been overtaken by the promise of a very exciting performance being made available to us.

On Saturday 23rd September at 8 pm and Sunday 24th September at 7 pm we are delighted to have Bobbye Aaron performing ‘Rose” by Martin Sherman.

This will be held at The Atalaya Park Hotel. It is a one-woman show about a Jewish woman during the war. If you haven’t seen Bobbye perform before, then you are in for a real treat.

Tickets will be on sale at 10€ for members and 13€ for non- members. These can be booked online (after the 10th August) or pay at the door on the night.

Venue update
We are very fortunate to be able to use The Atalaya Park Hotel but we are still continuing our search for other suitable venues. We are very grateful to the owners of the hotel for their generosity in supporting our events. A subgroup of Board members has been asked to prioritise this work.

El Candil Bar in San Pedro
Our thanks, as always, go to Alfonso the owner of El Candil. We use his room upstairs in the Bar for our monthly meetings, our auditions, and our rehearsals. He always greets us with a smile, a drink and a tapa. If you are looking for an authentic Spanish night out for yourself or your guests, please pay him a visit!

I would like to wish you a wonderful summer wherever you are in the world. See you in September!