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We hope this newsletter finds you well, happy and safe during these unprecedented times. We offer our sincere condolences to those of you who may have lost family members and close friends.

The purpose of our newsletters is to keep you up-to-date on what we are doing or, more appropriately at the moment, what we are not doing but also to share with you the new things that we are planning to do!

The Lark in the Park
It is with huge regret and heavy hearts that we have had to cancel our annual charity event, “the Lark in the Park” for June 2020. We have been holding this annual outdoor event for several decades and, with your help, we have raised thousands for local charities. Hopefully, we will be able to hold this popular and lovely event again next year as usual. Our chosen charity for this year’s Lark was “Andintre Foundation” but we will support them next year.

Our spring/autumn productions
Our spring production, “Towards Zero” written by Agatha Christie and directed by Peter Brooks could not take place in late March as planned due to the lockdown for the Covid-19 virus.
But the cast are still rehearsing. They meet each week online using Zoom and they are hoping to entertain you in October if the restrictions are lifted. This will be a record in terms of rehearsal time. We normally allow between eight and ten weeks, but for this play it could be between eight and ten months! Well, they should not need a prompt.

Coming very soon, something new!
We are missing you and our opportunity to perform and entertain you. We hope you are missing us too.
We have been exploring ways that we can stay in touch and provide you with something different. We are selecting a series of short plays and sketches that we will perform online that you can access for free on your computer or smartphone. Using the application Zoom, we can entertain up to 100 people.
More details will follow very soon.

Membership fees
The annual membership fees are now due and we have retained our ridiculously low price of 10 € per person or 15 € for two people living at the same address. You can pay for your membership online via our website or by bank transfer.

Our bank details are:
Banco Santander 0075 3071 4906 0145 6946
IBAN: ES51 0075 3071 4906 0145 6946

To pay online go to:

We will need your continued support please
International Theatre Studio (ITS) was established in 1975. We have managed to stay afloat and produce some excellent plays and events over 45 years, all without having our own theatre.

We think this year will be a challenge. Our two major overheads are insurance and the rental of storage space for our set and equipment. Without any events we will not have sufficient income.

As willing volunteers, we would like ITS to be around for another 45 years but we will need your help and support please.

Please will you consider paying your membership fee in advance for 2020 and 2021? As our fees are very low this would mean a payment of 20€ or 30€ and then nothing to pay next year.

Or please would you consider a small donation towards our overheads so that we can continue what we started?

Both options can be done online after the 22nd May or you can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information. Alternatively, you can make these payments now, by using the bank details above or by making a payment via PayPal to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you can help us that is fantastic, if you cannot then we understand. Thank you for considering it, we are very grateful.

Some of your comedy favourites. Photo above from June 2016:
Geoffrey Stansfield, Paul Baker, Martin Curd, Eileen Audas and Carmel Rogers in “The Rose and Crown”, a rehearsed play reading directed by Peter Brooks at Aloha Golf Club.

Please stay safe, stay in touch and come along to one of our future events whenever that may be.

With best wishes and many thanks for your continued support