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We hope this newsletter finds you safe, well and happy. Sadly we do not have lots of news to tell you other than we are still alive and kicking, and desperate to perform for you.

Our next production
Our talented actors involved in the rehearsals for “Towards Zero” since January, are more than ready to perform when the restrictions are fully released. We are committed to making this our first major event. The director, Peter Brooks, is excited to bring you an evening of drama with this classic Agatha Christie thriller.
Throwback photograph to Peter’s auditions in August 2019

A social event
We have been planning a play reading evening with dinner, subject to all the Covid-19 safety requirements. We have two short plays, a venue and a menu ready for when we can perform. As soon as the restrictions are lifted and the rules allow it, we will let you know immediately.

A year of free membership
Just to remind you that the ITS Board decided that we should honour the annual fee paid for 2020 and offer a “free year” as we have not been able to provide any live theatre since before the AGM in February. So if you have already paid for 2020 you will get a free year next year. If you have paid for two years in advance, you will still get your “free year”. Consequently, if you were a fully paid up member in 2019, then technically you are a still member this year.

Fortunately we have the support of Eileen Audas for the financial work/records and she is ready to manage this process for us alongside Sheila Mellor, the membership secretary.

Maybe next summer…
Given the promising news about a possible vaccine for Covid-19, we are hoping that our annual charity fundraising event, “The Lark in the Park” will be able to go ahead in June 2021 as usual.

A huge thank you
We would like to repeat our sincere thanks to everyone who made a donation towards our running costs in this period. Thank you very much for your kindness and generosity. Our biggest expense is always the storage of our set and lighting. The ITS Board is preparing to reduce the amount of storage we have by rationalising what we keep.

We cannot wait to get back to our passion for theatre and we look forward to seeing you all again very soon.