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A play reading evening 

For our next event, Veronica del Cerro will be leading a play reading evening at Keto Royale Kafe in San Pedro on Monday 5th February 2024.
We are meeting at 6.30 pm for a 7pm start. Bookings can be made online, tickets are 9€ for members and 11€ for non-members.
This includes room hire, booking fee and snacks and nibbles.Play reading evenings are great fun, with a chance to read a part, or you can simply watch, listen and enjoy.
If you are interested in auditions, this is an opportunity to get yourself seen and heard in different roles.Keto is a small venue and seats 40 maximum but we also need a minimum of 30 to make it a viable event.   

Audition notice

We will be holding open auditions on Saturday 10th February 2024 at 3pm at the Age Concern Centre in San Pedro. 

The play is a riotous comedy called, "First Things First" by Derek Benfield and will be performed at the El Paraiso Hotel on the 10th, 11th and 12th May 2024.

This is a full production on stage. The cast is three females and three males. The director will be Martin Curd, with Peter Brooks assisting him.
Anyone who successfully auditioned last year, is welcome to attend again.  
Rehearsals will take place two to three times a week, usually in the evenings and will start in late February/early March.
Cast members will be required to attend on the 7th, 8th, 9th May for onsite rehearsals at the hotel as well as for the three full production nights.  

The synopsis: 
Pete and George are old friends. In fact, such good old friends that George has been Pete's best man at both of his weddings. Pete, now happily married to Sarah, is appalled when George arrives with the news that his first wife, Jessica was not killed in a climbing accident as they had thought but is alive and well and keen to resume her life with Pete!This unexpected revelation leads to a series of hilarious situations as Pete and George try to find a way out of this desperate plight without upsetting either of Pete's wives or his second wife's powerful mother.  

If you wish to attend the audition, please email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and leave your name and telephone contact details.
Thank you 

If you are interested in volunteering in any role backstage for this production, please also email us with your name and contact details. 

Membership renewals are now due

Our membership runs from January to December. The fee is very low at 15€ per person or 20€ per two people at the same address. You can join or renew online via our website, or you can pay at one of our events. Please bring the correct change if you intend to do this.
Joining our membership helps us with the two biggest expenses; our storage costs and our insurance costs.
In return, you receive discounted tickets for all events. Plus, only paid up members are allowed to act with us.
Janet Barnett, our membership secretary, can answer any questions you may have. 

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Our AGM is on Wednesday 20th March 2024 at the Atalaya Golf and Country Club.
The papers will be circulated nearer the time.

A new webmaster

Nina, our longstanding and excellent webmaster, is retiring after many years of service to ITS. She has been absolutely brilliant to work with.  She has managed all our e-communications and she set up our website and the online booking system. We will miss her but we thank her sincerely for all her superb work, and wish her good health and happiness in the future.  We are delighted to announce that we had two very competent people interested in the role of the new webmaster. The ITS Board has decided that Simon de la Mare would be our new appointment, he will be starting immediately by working with Nina on a handover. Simon is known to some of our members as he worked at The Salon Varietes in Fuengirola as a lighting engineer. And he has worked for us too in this role. He and his partner Kirsty run Casa Kisi, a boutique rural bed and breakfast in Colmenar, which has featured on the Channel Four's programme "A new Life in the Sun". 

Our big anniversary is coming!

In October 2025, we will be celebrating our 50th year as the longest established English-speaking theatre on the coast of Spain. We are planning a big celebration. We will let you know the details very soon.  

Dates for your diary:

*Rehearsed play reading Wednesday 13th March 2024 details to be confirmed
*Next play reading evening is on Wednesday 10th April 2024, led by Beverley and Jamie Stonehewer.
*Main spring production "First Things First" by Derek Benfield on 10th to 12th May 2024 inclusive
*Lark in the Park will be on Sunday 2nd June 2024 in the Benahavis Park. 
*Main autumn production will be 11th to 13th October 2024 inclusive
*Rehearsed play reading on Wednesday 13th November 2024, details to be confirmed